Working From the Comfort of Home

I remember my days sitting in Houston traffic rushing to get home to pick up my son and care for our little dog. I was tired, cranky, and I had no idea what we would be eating for dinner. I was downright sick of trying to maintain my career and my responsibilities at home. There had to be a better way. Thankfully, there is.

I started making money online creating content, and in 2018, I transitioned to working from home in my full time career as a lawyer. I’ve eliminated the stressful commute, and I’m better able to care for my family. I want to empower other career women to work remotely and better balance work and home.

Ways to Work From Home


Work Remotely

Work from home as an employee of a company.



Offer your services as a freelance contractor.


Start an Online Business

Sell your own digital products, services, or courses online.


About Me

I’m a single mom living and working in Houston, Texas. I work remotely as an Employment Law Attorney and Human Resources Consultant. I also earn an income online as a writer. I started my first blog back in 2008, and I’ve been making content online ever since.

I teach other women how to make money online, so you can support your family financially while also taking care of your health and your home.

Interested in Working With Me?